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By Melanie Prough on Thursday, June 18, 2009
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Writing content or copy so to speak has to be the things we find most shop owners dislike the most. Fact is among the core and tasks associated with running your online this is likely the single most important. We hear all kinds of reasoning (excuses), but the bottom line is that creating proper content for your Zen Cart is NOT that difficult.

As soon as we breach the subject of creating this rich, descriptive content for their cart… We inevitably hear the term “Keyword” flowing prolifically from the customers mouth. Unfortunately, this is backwards… and not how your show think about writing copy for your store. Today we will give you a step by step tutorial to create great copy, that you can rank… Without spamming or gaming the search engines.

  1. If the page is about Green Widgets, the simply write about Green widgets…. Stay on target and do not get to broad. The more descriptive and targeted the content, the better!
  2. Write copy for an average high school educated shopper to clearly understand.
  3. SPELL CHECK! Your would be surprised at the shops we find that cannot spell their most popular products.
  4. Use good paragraph structure and flow in your copy. Try to keep your paragraph’s content limited to a specific topic and always the most important line of the paragraph should be first. After you are done read your text and make certain it flows logically down the page.
  5. If everything is bold <strong>, then NOTHING is important! Use strong tags to accent important keyword phrases in the text you have written…. One or 2 times a page… and different phrases or structuring of the same phrase is most effective.
  6. Link to products and subcategories using great anchor text (the part of the link you can read). NEVER link to yourself (or anyone else) using “Click Here” or similar. Use great anchors like “Green Widgets”.
  7. Use heading tags…. properly. Heading tags are very effective on page elements, but need to be used correctly to be effective. Use them in chronological order down the page <h1> to <h5>. Use these heading tags as… ummmm HEADINGS, not spam. No matter what you have heard you will not help yourself, by repeating the same heading tag text down your pages. Use short 5 words or less and the text should be relevant for the following content container (paragraph, div etc.).
  8. Write for your shoppers, not search engines. Highly descriptive and relevant text written for usability and shoppers information will rank you best. This type of SEO copy writing creates great longtail searches and otherwise missed opportunities.
  9. Lastly, there has to be enough text on each of your Zen Cart pages to make them unique and not duplicate content. While there is no universal magic number for the amount of copy to write…. Consider the amount of reoccurring text in your template and make sure your copy is at least 50% of the total page’s text.

Search engines today crawl pages in full text. Without this text (search engine food), your search rank will suffer and your shoppers will have a poor experience on your site as well. When you chose to start an ecommerce business, you chose a web presentation as your sales venue…. Therefore, logically this communication is accomplished with text.

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