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By Melanie Prough on Friday, August 13, 2010
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Twitter released a very cool gadget for Tweets yesterday. The Tweet Builder has options to create 3 different styles of Tweet buttons and can be placed on any page to add the button! Even you can do this!

Though using the generated code in a site wide manner via a Zen Cart common template file is easy enough, some shop owners do not code. For these shop owners it is still very easy to use in defined pages, easy pages, category and product pages. Generate and paste….. Let’s step through this.

Step 1: Choose your Tweet button template. Strongly suggest you select “no count” as honestly you are not likely to receive enough Tweets to really brag about…. In fact if you do, you can always change it later.

Choose the design of your Tweet Button

Step 2: Tweet text, this is simple… Since you already write great product/page titles and want to be able to use the button on any page, you will select “The title of the page the button is on.” to grab the existing information from the page title. The page title for a Zen Cart product page is the product title, with optional model number and price, unless you have specifically customized the Meta area of this particular product page.

Tweet Text

Tweet Text Tab

Step 3: In the URL tab, again to be able to use this Tweet button on any page you will select “The URL for the page the button is on.” and the code will just grab the page’s url for you on any page you use the widget code!


The URL Tab

Step 4: In the language tab you have a dropdown giving you the option to create your new Twitter button in English, French, German, Spanish or Japanese.

Step 5: Click the “Button” tab once more, scroll down and grab the code.

<a href="" data-count="none">Tweet</a><
script type="text/javascript" src="">

The finished button code can be pasted in to the source/HTML/plain text section in your product page description editor in your Zen Cart admin. The finished product looks like this:

Nice and easy social media marketing for shop owners! Give it a try.

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