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By Melanie Prough on Saturday, March 20, 2010
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What exactly is a “Perfect Product Page”? Simple, one that makes money!

There are many components necessary to build a perfect Zen Cart product page, but I am going to give you a good start… to get your brain wrapped around the concept.

Add to Cart: We really need this to be above the fold. This simply means that the consumer does not have to scroll to buy your product. Some very complicated attribute structures make this challenging, but it should always be a goal.

Price: Your price is clear, present and easily identified near the top of the page.

Product Image: The image is large enough to market, but small enough to keep your pages loading quickly.

Product Description: This is detailed, descriptive and easy to read with proper formatting.

Junk: Turn off everything you do not need. Start your checkout funneling here, sooner not later!

Specific Zen Cart Steps to Proper Product Pages

1.  Moving your add to cart button can be accomplished in your Zen Cart admin. But to attain the level of customization we suggest will require some coding. We are looking for a prevalent topside presence of your add to cart.

2. Remove the category icons… They suck up too much page real estate. You can accomplish this in Configuration >> Product Listing >> Include Product Listing Sub Categories Image and Include Product Listing Top Categories Image set to false.

3. Determining the proper image size is a product and site specific task. Ideally you want to show enough detail to grab a spontaneous reaction from the shopper… But not so much as to slow your pages. Not to mention there is also some value in not revealing every detail immediately on page load, engage the shopper and make them want to see more.

4. Product title is a huge ranking and converting factor. Make sure this is visible and concise.

5. Pricing is the first factor your shopper will look too after the product image… If it is not clear and present, you lose trust and sales.

6. Your product description is that salesman standing on your page. Describe your product with enough text to make the sale. Remember we are not looking for a hard sale here… Just the fact please, and in a format I can easily scan, read and understand.

7. Junk…. Why on earth do we clutter up our product pages with crap that does not lead to a sale? I don’t know, but turn off your “Tell a Friend” and any other information that is in the way and makes your product page sloppy and disorganized. Start funneling your shopper in to checkout right here, why wait. Catalog >> Product Types >> Your Product Type >> Edit Layout

8. Color matters… Your add to cart button for example should be a color that initiates a “GO” response from your shopper. Most times this is achieved by removing the clutter surrounding the add to cart button and making it a different color.

9. The logic and flow of your shopping cart page is essential. Why the heck would you have attribute selections under your add to cart button. This is not how our brains work. The flow of the page needs to be logical and flow in a manner that funnels the shopper in to making a selection and checking out. This is why we are here right?

10. While there is some hot debate on this issue, I personally think that for usability (which keeps shoppers clicking) and less frustration to take your shoppers to the shopping cart page upon adding a product. Additionally, you must then seek to deliver a shipping price and simple means or returning to shopping from the shopping cart page.

These are just some items to get your brain juices flowing, but remember… Nothing is successful without proper testing. So ask your friends, family and customers to provide you detailed and un-compromised feedback about your store’s shopping experience. Then man up and make some changes, this is really not about you or your products as much as having the humility to be wrong and grow from the experiences and feedback you receive.

Product Page Layout Example

Click to Enlarge The Product Page Layout Example

This product page is from one of our new stores and I wanted to share it with you as a very good working template or starting point as you strike out to have perfect product pages in your Zen Cart.

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