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By Melanie Prough on Thursday, June 18, 2009
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This came up recently for a client and I thought I would share. While Zen Cart has no ability to change this in its administration, the trundicated fields for your product and category titles are easily changed in the database. I would rank this task at the high beginner level.

The VERY FIRST thing to do is back up your Zen Cart database… Better safe than sorry.

Open your hosting control panel and look for phpMyAdmin. Upon opening phpMyAdmin, you will be presented will any and all databases in the hosting account.

Locate your Zen Cart database. If you are not sure which one, check at the bottom of includes/configuration.php

Next, click the database you need in the left menu… This will open a new window and display all of the database tables in the left hand menu.

For products, select DATABASE-PREFIX_products_description

This will display the entries in this table on your right.

Look for the entry products_name and click on the edit/change button in its row… Usually the “pencil” icon.

You will see the contents of this entry, including Length/Values1 …. which by default I believe is 32. This is the number you will edit. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES GO SMALLER THAN THE NUMBER LISTED, THIS WILL SHORTEN ALL OF YOUR EXISTING PRODUCT TITLES.

Change the number to a larger number of your choice ( recommend less than 75 characters max) and then click save in the bottom right.

When changing this product title, Zen Cart uses this value in more than one location. So click the database name in the top left to return to the main database screen.

In the left menu, list of your Zen Cart database tables select DATABASE-PREFIX_orders_products

Your will repeat the steps above for this table editing theĀ  products_name entry to match the other in products_description.

To change the length of your Zen Cart category name, the task is exactly as above, except different areas.

In the left list/menu of your Zen Cart tables you will select DATABASE-PREFIX_categories_description

Then edit categories_name and save as before. REMEMBER DO NOT GO SHORTER……

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