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By Melanie Prough on Friday, April 23, 2010
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Article Marketing with rel="canonical"

Article Marketing

Article marketing can be a very effective marketing tool for ecommerce websites. Many marketing venues for the web are far less effective for online stores… Article marketing is not one of them, as it can be a huge marketing tool for your Zen Cart.

Writing articles can be a daunting task, but if you think about the newest trends in SKU, model search and even bar code scanning the topical use is very clear. Writing articles to solidify your own authoritative status in your niche is the key. So articles on uncommon and innovative uses for your products, product reviews and tutorials are best suited in most cases. These tend to be found in very targeted searches, lend juice or relevancy to the page… and most importantly help you to become the trusted vendor you need to be.

The idea of article marketing is to drive targeted traffic to specific pages on your site and build very relevant backlinks. Most people will write and submit to article directories and other publishing venues. Interestingly enough, many times this is a less than effective process, as the authority is granted to the publishing website and you get only the click throughs from an author’s signature or embedded link.

Many will say that your articles should also be published on your website, but this is rather ineffective as well, because the publishing website in most cases has more trust, authority and PageRank than your own. Not to mention that you are duplicating the content.

The new rel=”canonical” attribute can be very helpful in both directions for eliminating this duplication. This attribute allows you, or the publishing website to specify the content’s correct source. So for example if you have a article published on a website that allows you to, you can specify that the correct source is your own published version. Or vice verse, if your article is published on an article directory, but you want to republish it without duplication, then you would specify the rel=”canonical” as the page address of your listed article in the directory.

This also means that link juice to these pages should be passed, as the canonical attribute is treated as a 301 redirect by Google. Just a tip to get a bit more out of your article marketing!

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