Adding a Facebook Send Button to Your Product Pages

By Melanie Prough on Friday, April 29, 2011
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Facebook Send Button for Zen Cart

Anyone who has had much experience with Zen Cart at all will tell you that the “Tell a Friend” function has been a spamming issue, poorly promoted and a general pain in the butt. Now Facebook has the embeddable “Send Button”. This negates the spamming issue, increases the likeliness of the button’s use and goes after the very same crowd who would use such a feature. Woot!

So Facebook is happy to give us a code generator…. But that hardly works for our dynamic carts! No worries, I worked it out for you. The hardest part is to determine the url, but we can cover that with a short PHP script to determine it for us. I have the script and instructions below for you to use it… Please checkout our site that I tested it on here (note that it even picks up the url rewrite)… and hey while you are there like a page or maybe this page? =) (unadulterated plea for your “likes”)

This will not be for SSL secured pages… But since only your checkout pages should be SSL and why the heck would you send them anywhere but to pay you, it shouldn’t matter.

Included in the text document download are the codes for both the Like and Send combo and the single send button. Enjoy!

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