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At Zen Cart Marketing we strive to deliver you, the small business owner, the resources and support you will need to successfully run your online store. Many sections of this site will provide you with the information to move forward with your Zen Cart on you own. Our goal is to empower you, the shop owner with the knowledge needed to bring your dreams to life.

Whether your skills allow you to read tutorials and make edits or you will have to pay for services… You will have this resource to help you understand the needs and processes through development, optimization and marketing your new store. We’ll simply call this snake oil protection. Many times developers and programmer are not familiar with Zen Cart and as a result will customize things incorrectly and make changes incorrectly, often breaking your Zen Cart and causing additional development cost now and in the future for upgrades and patches as well.

Get the information you NEED to make good business decisions for your online store…. That’s what we do here!

Zen Cart Ecommerce

Zen Cart Ecommerce

Zen Cart is one of the top shopping cart systems for business owners worldwide. Many shopping carts you see on the web will be Zen Cart. The sheer flexibility and robust ecommerce capability of Zen Cart make it a favorite core or starting point for many custom carts as well. Zen Cart will support 10s of thousands of items or 5 items with robust saleability and security. International shoppers and developers are amazed at the currency and language options, which are standard in Zen Cart. Zen Cart’s shipping ability is second to none, with geographical, table, integrated live and other savvy shipping options which can be enabled or defined by standard or custom zones! If you have never considered Zen Cart, you should. The community support for this incredible open source software is phenomenal.

Want to ask about Zen Cart or tour one of our demo stores? Just contact us and we will be happy to get you Zenned.

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